Weather in Jasper

If you're going to venture into the higher places in Jasper National Park during your vacation, dress warmly. The weather varies wildly here, but the higher you go, the colder it gets.

JASPER, Alberta – What’s the weather like in Jasper National Park? That depends on how high you are.

Down in the valleys, summer comes to Jasper in mid-April; it waits until mid-June to arrive in the high countryside. Summer doesn’t linger, but it makes its presence felt with long, lingering days. July is the warmest month, with a mean daily temperature of 22.5 degrees celsius (72.5 degrees fahrenheit).

Autumn arrives in August and September, bringing bright colors, clear skies and cooler temperatures. It gives way to a long and variable winter season that alternates between cold, violent storms and mild chinook winds. January is the coldest month, with a mean temperature of -9.4 degrees celsius (15.1 degrees fahrenheit).

Averages, however, can be a little deceiving in a place with such a variety of elevations and terrain. As a general rule, the average temperature drops 1.7 degrees celsius for every 300-meter rise in elevation. In addition to all of the changes brought by the terrain, winds from the Pacific Ocean, though originating a long way away, bring warm air and sometimes moisture to the Canadian Rockies.

In general, the lower you are, the warmer you’ll be. But in a place with such a wide deviation of topography, the wisest course is simply to expect just about anything.

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