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Ward Alpine Guiding
Services Ltd.

It is rarely admitted, but there are an awful lot of people in Jasper National Park in the summer.
To help you experience true wilderness in the Canadian Rockies may we present Ward Alpine Guiding Services Ltd.

From the earliest days of the exploration of the Canadian Rockies the pack horse has been the most efficient way to travel in true wilderness. Capable of moving large quantities of goods, pack trains allow for a level of luxury and comfort in backcountry camping not otherwise possible.

Horse assisted backpacking is a concept gaining recognition among hikers too. This form of holiday allows the participant to travel with a day pack yet stay at a fully equipped backcountry camp in very remote parts of the mountains.

And it is wilderness that Ward Alpine Guiding Services Ltd. brings to your small group or family. All our two or five day trips are into the Willmore Wilderness Park which is just north of the very popular Jasper National Park.

The trips include all meals, horses (assigned to you based on your experience level), tents and sleeping bags and pads.

From your camp you can ride, hike, fish or just relax in uncrowded wilderness of undescribable beauty.

Top notch meals prepared on a wood stove or open fire are served in a large dining tent or, weather permitting, outdoors.

Ward Alpine Guiding Services Ltd.
offers three options for you.

  • Eagle Nest Pass: 2 or 5 day trips
  • Mumm Creek Pass: 2 or 4 day trips
  • Casual day hikes in Jasper National Park. These are favourites for parties interested in "Birding" in Jasper National Park.

For more information click here.

Custom trips of longer duration can be arranged.

Ward Alpine Guiding Services Ltd.

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  1. Mike Smith

    My name is Mike Smith and I am a school teacher from Edmonton. Was considering a horseback trip into Willmore Wilderness Park either this year, or in the next 2 summers.

    Was hoping you could answer a few questions:

    1. Do you do custom itineraries? The main purpose of my trip is to explore the area for fly-fishing. Specifically, I’d like to fish the Muddywater River and the Jackpine River. Do either of these rivers offer decent fishing? When would be the best time to go? (I was thinking late July).

    2. Or, do you do hiker – assisted trips? Could you drop me off at a suitable “base camp” with a week’s worth of supplies, and come back to pick me up? I am a pretty experienced outdoorsman (getting close to my 50th birthday, been fishing up and down Alberta’s eastern slopes since I was 13. I have lots of experience bushwhacking, navigating and hiking through cutlines. If and when I am by myself, I am usually double holstered with 2 cans of bear spray on my left and right hip. 😉 ).

    3. Is it possible to pack in a small inflatable boat? Is there any decent lake fishing in the Park?

    Well, I’ll start with those questions for now, and hopefully someone can get back to me!


    Kind Regards,
    Mike Smith

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