Historic Sites – Jasper, Alberta (Canada)

By Carl Silverman
Associate Writer/Visit-Jasper.com

JASPER, ALBERTA (CANADA) – Jasper, Alberta has long been a popular destination for lovers of Canada’s awe-inspiring scenic beauty. And for good reason – the glaciers, lakes and mountains are remarkable. But Jasper is also attractive to history buffs. The city is full of rich history with features such as the second firehouse ever built, Chaba Theater, Athabasca Hotel and historic Locomotive 6015.

More Historic Sites in Jasper, Alberta (Canada)

Locomotive 6015
Chaba Theater
Jasper’s Pool Hall
Jasper Information Center National Historic Site
Athabasca Hotel
Jasper Fire Hall
Jasper the Bear
Anglican Church of St. Mary and St. George 

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