Goat Lookout – Jasper, Alberta, Canada

By Carl Silverman
Associate Writer/Visit-Jasper.com

JASPER, ALBERTA, CANADA – Alberta’s Goat Lookout is an excellent destination to view the panoramic views of the Athabasca Valley, as well as the mountain peaks surrounding this Canadian treasure. The Goat Lookout is also a good place to spot mountain goats, bighorn sheep and other animals native to Jasper in search for mineral licks.

Please remember, that it is illegal and dangerous to feed or touch wildlife in a national park. Please help keep the wildlife wild and healthy.

Getting Here – Goat Lookout in Jasper, Alberta

Goat Lookout is located at approximately 38 km south of Jasper in the Icefields Parkway Region, and off Highway 93. 

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