Anglican Church of St. Mary and St. George – Jasper, Alberta (Canada)

By Carl Silverman
Associate Writer/

JASPER, ALBERTA (CANADA) – Jasper, Alberta’s Edith Cavell Tower with beautiful stained-glass windows sits across Miette Avenue. Intrigue and architecture go together with the strange beginnings of this 14th Century English Gothic church constructed in 1927.

With the support of a figure known only as Anonymous Donor, Reverend Edwards of Jasper obtained the 14th Century sketches from an architect in England, and forwarded them to Edmonton architect Alfred Calderon for design completion. The church was one of the last in Alberta designated in the traditional Anglican gothic revival style, though Calderon did add qualities from nineteenth century architecture–such as contrasting textures. He combined local stone with rough stucco and half-timber work on the exterior, creating a building well-suited to the rugged mountainous areas.

The Province of Alberta designated it as a Provincial Historic Resource in 1985. 

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