A Memorial Event in celebration of the life of Donny Nordgren

Don Nordgren
Feb. 11/48 — Jan. 3/04

A Memorial Event

in celebration of the life of

Donny Nordgren

Friday April 16:

Fat Fun and Norgy dual slalom and dinner

Saturday April 17:
Memorial Service and

“A Gathering of Friends”

Post-event version

You came.

We laughed; we cried; we re-connected and we re-confirmed.

We took pictures. Lots of pictures.

And you ordered the Memorial CD (proceeds of which fund the Norgy Memorial Scholarship for members of the Jasper Ski Club).

This section of visit-jasper.com will stay up for a while to give you a chance to remember and to order the CD.

Until it is time to remove these pages I wish to thank you for coming. Your attending gave many, many people, myself included, much joy.

Chris Garnham

How do you honour a life force like Donny Nordgren?

In kind.

Many of his friends are coming together to put on a memorial event for anyone who ever laughed with, skied with, canoed with, rode a horse with, worked on a ski race course with, partied with and, yes, was ever driven a little crazy by Don Nordgren. If you knew him you shared some or all of the above.

We offer you the chance in mid-April to join with us as we enjoy each other’s company in a function much to Donny’s liking.

Learn about:

A dual slalom fun race at Marmot Basin

The Memorial Service

A page of Itinerary, Functions, Details and Deals.

For fun, here’s some of Donny’s own photos.

A project to gather anecdotes about Donny.

See who’s registered for the race or just coming anyway.


  • event e-mail address: norgy@drafx.ca
  • phone: (Alberta only) 1-800-363-3078 (Totem Ski Shop)
  • phone: 1-780-852-3078 (Totem Ski Shop)
  • fax: for that printed registration… 1-780-852-7028 (Totem Ski Shop)
  • Milt Gilmore: miltbarb@telusplanet.net
  • Joe Couture: jns@incentre.net

We will try to compile a list of your e-mail addresses to share. If you do not wish to have that e-mail address known, say so and we’ll keep it off-list.

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