Miette Hot Springs

JASPER, Alberta – There are many ways to beat the winter chill: bundling up in lots of clothes, burrowing into thick blankets, or sitting close to a comforting, roaring fire.
For something a little more adventurous in your Jasper vacation, try the Miette Hot Springs.
High among the peaks of the Canadian Rockies in Sulphur Creek, 61 km east of Jasper, geothermally heated water that reaches up to 53.9 degrees celsius filters out along the creek. It is collected, filtered, chlorinated, cooled a bit and released into two pools kept at 40 degrees celsius.
The springs are a two-minute walk from the Miette Hot Springs Resort; several other accommodations are nearby. Each pool can handle up to 250 people, though it is rare that either is ever full.
Like everywhere in Jasper National Park, wildlife viewing opportunities abound. Hiking trails wind through the area, and the road to Miette includes the Punchbowl Falls, an old coal mining site, and Ashlar Ridge viewpoint. There’s plenty to do in Miette – and the most refreshing, relaxing pool experience you could have awaiting you at the end of it.

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