Jasper National Park Regulations

The National Parks Act, passed by the Canadian parliament, established the system of national parks in Canada and outlined regulations for the maintenance of those parks. In large part, the maintenance comes in the form of managing the impact of human visitors to the parks.
Some of the most important regulations visitors should know are:
– It is unlawful to collect or remove any natural objects or historical artifacts (this includes berries, wildflowers, mushrooms, antlers, wood, interesting rocks along the river, etc.).
– It is unlawful to feed, entice or harass wildlife (this includes feeding them ‘natural’ food, it also includes what may look like tame wildlife such as birds or squirrels).
– Pets must be leashed at all times. For their protection, never leave your pet unattended. Bears, coyotes, and even elk and deer may present a danger to your pet.
– All food (even food in coolers) must be stored inside vehicle trunks or in tear-proof containers.
– You may camp only in designated areas.

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