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European Beauty &

Wellness Centre

"Petite Spa" in the mountains

At The European Beauty & Wellness Centre, we believe that beauty and wellness go hand in hand. Without wellness there cannot be beauty of the physical, mental, spiritual or psychological state. Wellness comes from our daily habits and life style: the food we eat; the water we drink; the air we breath; stress at home or work; the amount of exercise we get.

In our spa we have programs designed to help you get on the right track. With our broad scope of treatments, the products we sell and the wellness counseling we give we will make you feel as if you have a new body.

Massage is the base of most of our treatments. With massage we can stimulate the circulation of blood and lymph flow.

Some Theory

Lymph is both the carrier of life to your cells and the elimination agent removing all large waste from the intercellular area. Lymph nodes are important in the defense against disease. Manual Lymph Drainage is a specialized massage treatment promoting the circulation of lymph fluid just under the skin. The result is a faster removal of waste and toxins.

Our therapeutic massage deals with acute as well as chronic pain stemming from sports, automotive or workplace injuries. We also have programs for the serious athletes. These are designed to help keep athletes injury free and to speed up recuperation between competitions.


A Glacier Salt full body treatment. It takes an hour and it’s done with glacier salt from Northern Canada and Alaska glaciers. It’s exfoliating and conditioning for the body.

A full body "Detox" herbal wrap. It takes an hour and is followed by manual lymph drainage.

A new addition to our services, "Wet Treatments" will soon be offered. Our special built room will give you the classic wet massage only available in discriminating facilities.

Our skin care programs, which use aromatic oils noted for their unique qualities and effects on the physical and emotional body, are customized to your particular needs.

All the skin treatments have a positive therapeutic effect. You’ll feel you are in heaven while having a facial, a manicure or a pedicure. A Swedish sauna or a dip in the hot tub (both on the property) are a wonderful complement to all of our treatments.

Our retail section offers European herbal skin care products, aroma therapy products (soaps, candles), organic essential oils, German herbal foot care creams, hot/cold packs and more.

European Beauty and Wellness Centre offers a full range of services and products. Listed here are some of our more popular packages. On our next page we give you a form to fill out allowing you to request an appointment or more information.

Rejuvenation Packages

Complimentary hot tub, swimming pool and sauna use included with the following packages.

(All prices subject to change without notice.)

Rocky Mountain Rejuvenation

A relaxing honey, milk and lavender bath, soothing aromatherapy massage, European spa facial followed by a luxurious warm milk and flower petal pedicure and manicure.

Aroma Renewal

Start your day with an Aroma Facial that will awaken and refresh your skin. Invigorate your body with an Exfoliation Scrub to eliminate dull, dead skin cells. Balance your mood with an Aroma Massage that will give you the energy for whatever the day may bring.

Jasper Juniper Detox

Sheets steeped in a soothing and detoxifying blend of herbs are wrapped around your body. You are then cocooned in the warmth of a thermal blanket. Followed by a half-hour massage or lymphatic drainage.

Sunwapta Renewal

Indulge in the richness of our Moor mud and seaweed Body Wraps followed with a half-hour Relaxation Massage.


Put your body and mind at peace with the serene combination of Reflexology and Reiki. Reiki taps into the universal life force energy via Dr. Usui’s method for natural healing while Reflexology helps to rebalance your body via pressure points on feet and/or hands.

Cavell Care Package

Planning a night out on the town? Or just in need of some extra attention? The Cavell Care Package offers a Basic Facial, pedicure and manicure.

Don’t forget
Basic Massage

  • Therapeutic, Relaxation, Pregnancy or Sport Massage
  • starts at $45 for 25 minute massage

The European Beauty & Wellness Centre Owners

Wilma Mouthaan, RMT and Esthetician.

Wilma was trained in Europe in Esthetics, skin therapy and Swedish Massage. After her arrival in Calgary, she studied Massage Therapy and Reflexology. Combined with her background in nursing and teaching she has over 20 years of experience.

Andre Verheye RMT.

Andre has worked for over 15 Years as a Professional Therapist. He has completed international studies in Massage, Spa Therapies Aroma Therapy, Reiki, Manual Lymphe Drainage and Lymph Edema Management. He has worked with amateur, professional and Olympic athletes as well as the disabled.

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