Signal Mountain

Jerry Jober and friends mountain bike to the top of Signal Mountain.

Jerry and his friends Ray Knight and Dwayne Shapansky chose a fine August day to ride the old fire watch road to the top of Signal Mountain. This now unused road starts from the parking lot near the lookout over Maligne Canyon. It winds very much UP seven miles to the abandoned site of a fire watch station. Replaced by better technology this station offers an unparalleled view of the Athabasca River valley, the Miette River valley and the town of Jasper where the two valleys meet.

Ray points west towards the Miette River valley. Beyond them, to the south lies the upper reaches of the Athabasca River Valley. Above them is one of Jasper’s more prominent land marks, the peak of Mount Tekarra.

To their right, the Athabasca River continues its journey towards the Arctic Ocean.

Jerry is rightly proud of his accomplishment here today.

Behind him in the valley floor is Jasper. Beyond is The Victoria Cross Range.

When Jerry is not exploring the park or working as a conductor on the Canadian National Railroad, he runs a tourist room in his house.

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