Sasha The Wonder Puppy walk

Sasha The Wonder Puppy was the family pet who just loved the many options for dog walks in her Jasper National Park. Chris Garnham could be counted on to take advantage of her enthusiasm as a break from his chores.

On this fall afternoon Sasha and Chris took one of their favourite walks, a loop from “The Sixth Bridge” near the outlet of the Maligne River where it joins the Athabasca River. They walked downstream along the Athabasca to an area of backwater channels and returned to the parking lot by way of a short section of the famous Overlander Trail through the forest.

This was one of their shorter walks that allowed them exercise and fresh air in about 45 minutes, including the ten minute drive from their home in downtown Jasper out to “The Sixth Bridge”.

The Sixth Bridge as it crosses the lower Maligne River near its mouth as it enters the Athabasca River.

Sasha is about to bound across the bridge, anxious as ever, to begin yet another adventure.

The confluence of the Maligne River, entering from the left, and the Athabasca River.

In the background, centre, can be seen the valley made by the Athabasca River which has made its way some 100 km (60 miles) from the Columbia Icefield.

Also in the background but entering from the right, comes the valley formed by the Miette River which has traveled about 25 km (18 miles) from the Great Divide, the border between Alberta and BC.

This confluence, therefore, makes a broad, relatively flat, valley bottom.

The town of Jasper lies in the centre of this very hospitable part of the Canadian Rockies.

The initial excitement of the walk has given way to familiarity and Sasha’s pace relaxes. She leads us away from the main stream of the Athabasca River into one of its back channels.

At this time of year water levels have receded leaving beautiful pools and easy travel.

Pyramid Mountain relfection; a pool formed in one of the Athabasca’s back channels.

Reflected on its surface is Pyramid Mountain.Pyramid Mountain lies “behind” the town of Jasper.

Jasper sits a couple of miles to the left from this vantage point.

We have walked only a short distance from the last picture but have climbed up from the flood-plain of the Athabasca River.

This is the “turn-around” spot for this walk. From here we step back into the forest with its fewer vistas.

The walk back to the Sixth Bridge didn’t present many overwhelming photo opportunities–but Sasha enjoyed the occasional squirrel chase.

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