Other hikes

Paula Beauchamp, Head Guide of Walks & Talks and her assistant Buck
are asked most often to hike the high alpine meadow of
Mount Edith Cavell. That is not the only place they frequent though.

A little further south of Mount Edith Cavell is a series of four “hanging” lakes named the Geraldine Lakes. They “hang” because each lake ends in a waterfall. When you are on the shore of each lake, its end cascades out in the waterfall giving the impression that the lake hangs in mid-air.

These Bighorn Sheep are regulars on Old Fort Point. Old Fort Point is something of a mini-mountain directly across the Athabasca River from Jasper townsite. The Sheep wander around grazing on the grasses until bothered by people or Buck. Then they nimbly scamper over the rock cliff faces where no other animal can follow. Somehow the sight of sheep brings out the strongest shepherd instincts in the least likely dogs, Buck included.

Buck and his other master, Blair Timmins, on the trail into the Tonquin Valley. The rugged peaks in the background form The Ramparts and are the very spine of the Canadian Rockies. They are also part of The Great Divide which is the watershed for rivers flowing west to the Pacific Ocean through the province of British Columbia or east and north into the province of Alberta and eventually into the Arctic Ocean. It’s also a rather pretty place to have your picture taken.

Just one more look at Angel Glacier on Mount Edith Cavell. It’s hard to blame Paula for spending so much time here. 

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