Maligne Lake

Jerry Jober has given us three shots of a recent ride he took on the incredibly beautiful Maligne Lake. In keeping with the pristine nature of Jasper National Park, the only gas powered boats allowed on the lake are those of the Warden’s Service and Maligne Tours. To fish for Maligne Lake Rainbow and Brook Trout you either paddle, row or rent electric powered motor boats.

Today, however, Jerry is just enjoying the scenery.

The start of a trip on Maligne Lake, Jasper.

About a mile out, the view back only hints at the beauty ahead.

Already turning back? We need to give Jerry more film.

Here we leave "The Narrows" and, out of sight, the famous "Spirit Island" as we cross "Fisherman’s Bay".

The Narrows on Maligne Lake, Jasper.
A view of Maligne Lake, Jasper.

Back on shore after the 90 minute boat tour. Somehow three pictures just doesn’t do it justice.

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