Maligne Canyon

Jerry Jober takes us to some of the views along Maligne Canyon. Your walk will start at the Maligne Canyon Tea House and follow the canyon downstream. You will cross the first and second bridges certainly, but you should continue on to the third and fourth as well.

The more athletic will want to do as Jerry did this day and walk all the way down to the fifth or sixth bridge. Doing this though, will require someone in your group to drive your vehicle to parking lots for these bridges. Picnic tables at each of these sites make for a wonderful event.

The second bridge as seen from further along the trail. Here the canyon is over 150 feet deep.

When standing on the second bridge, looking down can be an experience in itself.

The view from the second bridge towards the rest of the canyon, its trail and the Athabasca Valley beyond.

Looking back up from the fourth to the third bridge. Very different forms of vegetation are found here where less light penetrates the very moist air. Several waterfalls cascade below you.

Beyond the fourth bridge is a spectacular, downhill hike to the fifth bridge. Sometimes right down to water level, at others, far above the Maligne river, this easy hike will take about twenty to thirty minutes. The small parking lot at the fifth bridge is beside a lovely picnic site.

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