Edith Cavell

Paula Beauchamp, Head Guide of Walks & Talks and her assistant Buck
spend much of their summers in the high alpine meadow of Mount Edith Cavell.
This lush open plateau tilts slightly to give you an unparalleled view of Angel Glacier.
This is high country of wild flowers of untold colours.

Angel Glacier on the face of Mount Edith Cavell as seen from the alpine meadow.

Mount Edith Cavell’s north face has several glaciers on it. The melt water from them collects in a small lake before trickling out of the high basin. As pieces of glacier break off, they form real icebergs; a treat not often found this far south of the Arctic

After an uphill hike into the alpine meadows, the break for lunch is especially rewarding.

Snow and ice can be found year round in parts of the alpine meadow. As this photo attests, the snow lasts well into the heat of August. This is where Buck heads first at that time of year.

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