How we see ourselves in Jasper

A collection of snapshots of Jasper National Park taken by the people who live there. This is how we enjoy Jasper National Park.

Paula Beauchamp, Head Guide for Walks & Talks guided hikes, spends every day of the summer and most days the rest of the year hiking or skiing. Her faithful companion, Buck, is often her subject in her photos. As you will see, they get to visit some of the most spectacular country in North America.

  • One of Paula’s most popular summer hikes is into the alpine meadow of Mount Edith Cavell.
  • During the summer, Paula and Buck can be found on trails all over the Park.
  • Not a dog for just the summer, Buck also manages to get Paula outdoors the rest of the year.

Jerry Jober, conductor for Canadian National Railways, has been exploring Jasper National Park for over a quarter century. Here he takes us with him on two trips.

Sasha The Wonder Puppy takes her master, Chris Garnham, for a familiar and favourite walk starting at ” The Sixth Bridge ” .

As you may have gathered, living in Jasper National Park is different. To learn more, jump to our General Jasper Information section.

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