Look who has PAID to come!

How to read this list:

  • understand that this is, at best, a sample of who has paid up
  • understand that this list is not a “proof of purchase” list
  • understand that a mere mortal updates this list once in a while… when he gets a chance
  • understand that there are many, many more people coming but they have not yet paid
  • many people are buying their tickets at the door and are, therefore, unknown to us right now
  • this list has been updated last in early August. It might even be reasonably accurate

But ain’t it fun to see who’s coming?

We are still gathering names and e-mail addresses of people who wish to receive updating e-mails about the event. Drop us a line (70sreunion@visit-jasper.com) and we’ll get you or your friends added to our list of e-mail addresses (so we can spam them like we do you ;-).

Our policy on privacy of e-mail addresses: at the bottom of this page.

Chikako Akama

Tom Akama

Cathie Allsopp

Dorothy Ammerlaan

Len Ammerlaan

Brenda Argan

Jim Argan

Leo Arsenault

Vona Arsenault

Jim Atkinson

Pat Bader

Paul Bader

Vern Balding

Charlie Blackstock

Kelly Blackstock

Marilyn Bond

Stephen Bond

Bill Bonner

Jeanne Bonner

Claude Boockock

Gary Boockock

David Bork

DJ Bowen

Coni Bowen

Mark Boyne

Cec Boyne

David Bronskill

Robyn Bronskill

Annette Brown

CB Brown

Warren Brown

Laurie Buck

Bob Bush

Peter Buxton

Vera Buxton

Grant Cameron

Mike Cameron

Darcy Carroll

Ken Chesser

Ed Chilton

Lesley Clarke-Malone

Sandra Coombe

Teri Corcoran

Barbara Cousins

Brenda Currie

Lorne Currie

Vince Desjardins

Deedi Divine

Grania Devine

Barb DeVos

Brian Dickson

Shirley Dorin

Charlotte Fallow

Curtis Fernets

Deb (Brown) Fernets

Dave Feniak

Barb Feniak

Charlie Finley

Doug Fleming

Paul Gallant

Willie Gallant

Vallee Gammon

Chris Garnham

Nancy Garnham

Jim Gifford

Barb Gilmour

Milt Gilmour

John Glaves

Valerie Glaves

Diane Grice

Deke Hammell

Marty Hanlon

Peggy Hanlon

Dorothy Hardie

Terry Harris

Marilyn Harris

Bernie Haubrich

Sharon Haubrich

Laurie Hearns

Lynda Hearns

Don Hedge

Shirley Hedge

Paul Height

Al Hikel

Troy Hikel

Kim Hikel

Todd Hikel

Jan Hobbs

Rod Hobbs

Heather Hopkins

Randy Horan

Viv Horne

Ellen Huggett (Young)

Lorraine Hurt

Wayne Hurt

Donna Ireland

Doug Ireland

Joanne Jackson

Bernice Johansen

Robert Johansen

Christy Johnston(Kegg)

Gary Johnstone

Janice Johnstone

Deb Joly

Jean (JJ) Joly

Nadine Jones

Ward Jones

Bede Kauter

Wilma Kauter

Siobhan Kennedy

Dave Kjorvan

Luke Kuromi

Alek Knuuttila

Art Laurenson

Brad Lautner

Bob Legget

Joe Lyon

Deb Lucki

Claudine Luisier

Teresa Lyseyko

Susie Manchee

Terry McCauley

Fred MacMillan

Shelley MacQueen

Dennis Malone

Clare Massicotte

Kathy Mathews

Terry McCauley

Gerald McCrimmon

Jody McCrimmon

John McLay

Jacqueline McLay

Mike McNulty

Gary McVarish

Linda Melanson

Mike Milburry

Al Morgan

Kaireen Morgan

Lisa Myer

Brian O’Brien

David Pacula

Gayle Paul (Simpson)

Jocelyn Peck

Terry Penno

Dorothy Peterson

Jim Pipe

Allison Plante (Butterworth)

Sue Prue

Cathy Purvis

Beate Rasmussen

Laurie-Ann Reddick

Jim Rennie

Allen (Pooch) Ruemper

Linda Ruemper

Ron Sadoway

Irene Sadoway

Connie Sawka

Ken Sawka

Andy Schimmel

John Schnablegger

Brian Skehill

Bill Smith

Don Smith

Carol Smith

Angela Smythe

Terry Spratt

Roxane Spratt

Jill Stafford

Carolyn Staten

Orie Staten

Lori Stoochnoff

Gary Stubbs

Bill Sutherland

Deb Sutherland

Peter Symons

Judy Taylor-Atkinson

Jennifer Theroux

Vern Theroux

Julia (Jules) Treharne

Pauline Tochor

Jerome Tochor

Howie Vickers

Dwain Wacko

Wendy Wacko

Margaret Waines

John Waines

Mike Wasuita

Rik Wedgewood

Deb Wedgewood

Bobbi Weller(Hikel)

Dereck Wilgosh

Sue Wilgosh

Evan Williamson

Marilyn Williamson

Kathy Wilson

Sharon Woods

Wayne Woods

Tom Yates

Brenda Zinck

Ron Zinck

crew office staff

les olsen and friend

CN's finest

railroad gang 

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