Share your reunion pictures

Intro picture of group site
We’ve set up a group site on which you can see and share reunion pictures. It’s at:

How to use it:

Flickr is a free service that exists to allow people to show their pictures to the world. “Groups” can be set up for people who, for example, have attended a reunion to share their pictures…

In our case, only people we know get to share pictures via the group site. We know who you are so “approving” you is a simple matter.

You must, however, first open a free account and upload your pictures. After you have been “approved” by the group administrator(s) you will be able to move a copy of your reunion pictures onto the group site. (There are instructions on the group’s main page.)

We have set it up so anyone can view these pictures but only approved people can submit pictures. This will keep the bad guys away.

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