Jasper of the 70’s: reunion packages

Reunion Packages for your weekend.

All of our packages have now expired.

We are, however, offering At-The-Door tickets. See below.

All packages include admission to the venue, your evening’s meal, entertainment (other than the kind supplied by those of us who are just entertaining) and other treats. Administrative costs are also paid out of package sales.

Can-U-Canoe Race

Please note: This is primarily an adult’s event. If you have older teens, bring them along; they might enjoy the Saturday and Sunday evenings. These nights are BYOB so it is up to you look after your kids and the booze implications therein; we’re not taking any responsibility for booze: yours or your kids.

Friday night, at the Atha B is a night in a bar and, well you know what that’s all about.

Excess money will be donated to the Jasper Ski Club and/or other Jasper-based non-profit organizations.

wedding pictures

Early-Bird (now expired)

  • price: $75
  • only sold until April 30, 2006
Just-A-Bird (now expired)

  • price: $85
  • only sold from May 1 until July 31, 2006
August (now expired)

  • price: $95
  • only sold from August 1 until August 25, 2006

Please note that the August package is not available during the last week of August. This allows time for your cheque to arrive in Jasper and be processed before you arrive.


All of our packages have timed out. We will, however, sell tickets at the door of each evening’s event.

  • prices:
    • Friday night: $40
    • Saturday evening: $40
    • Sunday evening: $35

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