Order your weekend tickets

Order your weekend tickets:What's cookin' Mike?

A quick note: Make your ticket order ASAP. We’re dealing with Jasper on Labour Day weekend; many hotels are full already.

Another note: This is primarily an adult’s event. If you have older teens, bring them along; they might enjoy the Saturday and Sunday evenings. These nights are BYOB so you look after your kids and the booze implications therein; we’re not taking any responsibility for booze: yours or your kids. Friday night, at the Atha B is a night in a bar and, well you know what that’s all about. Again, we’re not taking responsibilities for your kids.

Your first name:
Your last name:
Your e-mail address:
Street address, first line:
Street address, second line if needed:
Postal Code/Zip:
Home phone:

I’m ordering tickets for others in my party.

Guest 1, first name:
Guest 1, last name:
Guest 2, first name:
Guest 2, last name:
Guest 3, first name:
Guest 3, last name:
Guest 4, first name:
Guest 4, last name:
Guest 5, first name:
Guest 5, last name:
Guest 6, first name:
Guest 6, last name:
Guest 7, first name:
Guest 7, last name:

So, today I’m ordering a total of packages (including one for myself).

Best package available now: August (expires August 25)
Cost: $95 per person
I think I owe ($95 times number of packages=) $ (We’ll check your math.)

Right after hit the “Submit” button, you will receive a copy of the information you have just sent the organizing committee.

The Treasurer will check your math, confirm your order and e-mail you an invoice. (Please note: if you have trouble with this receipt we’d really like to know.

E-mail us right away: 70sreunion@visit-jasper.com

When we have received your cheque we will cash it.

Then we’ll prepare your receipt and e-mail (or, shudder, mail) it to you. An information package including your tickets will be given to you when you register at your first event in Jasper.

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