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The Archives

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“We encourage all of you from Jasper in the 70’s to look through your Jasper memorabilia to see if you have anything you would like to donate, lend or just share with us. We would like to create a display of memories for the reunion.

“Please contact Shelley MacQueen at shel@incentre.net and tell her what you have. You can send your items to her at Box 2502, Jasper, Alberta, T0E 1E0, or let her know what you have and she’ll save a spot for it when you personally bring it to the reunion.

“We’d be glad to have hats, T-shirts and photographs from Jasper in the 70’s. No hot items, please.

“If you’re concerned about photographs getting lost, you can have copies made for the reunion. If you are lending photographs, please keep them in albums.

“The Jasper Museum may be interested in some items – more on this later.”

Dorothy Hardie: Archivist for the Jasper of the 70’s Reunion

Dorothy Hardie: Chairperson Archives Committee

Dorothy Hardie:
Chairperson Archives Committee

Shelley MacQueen: Assistant

Shelley MacQueen:
Assistant Archivist

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