L and W Restaurant

L & W Family Restaurant: logo.

For over a quarter of a century now, Gus Vlahos’ L and W Family
Restaurant has been serving Jasper.

First famous for its "Gus Burger" the original L and
built a reputation for excellent fast food. A new building
on the old location brought a broader menu to this old friend of Jasper.
Seafoods, steaks, Greek dishes, homemade pasta and Italian dishes are
now the fare in this fully licensed family restaurant.

Oh yes, you can still order the "Gus Burger" but you’d better be hungry!

L & W Family Restaurant: from the North.L & W Family Restaurant:  entrance.L & W Family Restaurant:  from the South.

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  1. Tony Sandrin


    As a young single Mountie stationed in Jasper from 1978-1981 the L&W was my staple of good food. Gus and his wife were always on hand at the restaurant and did their utmost to make you feel at home. In reviewing some of the new ( new to me ) expansion pictures I’m sure that it remains one of the focal points of the town and serves up a great variety of good food items.

    I just noticed that one of the pictures has a police cruiser parked outside the restaurant..I rest my case.

    Continued success.


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