Jasper National Park

Backpacking in Jasper

Strapping a pack on your back and stepping out into Jasper National Park is an ideal way to spend your vacation.

Jasper Backcountry Adventures

With Overland Trekking, you can explore Jasper National Park to your heart’s content.

The Wildlife of Mt. Robson

Mt. Pobson Provincial Park is a wonderful place to see the huge variety of wildlife that calls Jasper National Park home.

Maligne Lake – A Unique Experience

Fishing, whitewater rafting, wildlife, scenery, disappearing and reappearing lakes, iconic film locations … Maligne Lake Road has it all.

Jasper’s Great Pyramid (Lake)

Take a drive along Pyramid Lake Road. It’s just outside of Jasper, it’s replete with wildlife, it meanders through beautiful forests, and if all of that’s not enough, there’s even a lake on the journey with a scale model of a warship made of ice resting on the bottom!

Old Highway 93 – A Drive into History

If you’ve come to Jasper National Park for rest and relaxation, take a drive along Old Highway 93A. The scenery – of course – is fantastic, and many of the best areas are well off the beaten path.

The Beauty – and History – of Mount Edith Cavell

Mount Edith Cavell is a jewel in the crown of the Canadian Rockies. It is named in honor of an English nurse who was killed by German soldiers for helping Allied soldiers escape German-occupied Belgium in World War I.

The Allure of the Columbia Icefields

Welcome to a world of ice. Welcome to the feeder of no fewer than eight glaciers. Welcome to a land where continents meet. You’ve just entered the Columbia Icefields. Found at the southern end of Jasper National Park, and measuring … Continued

Camping in Jasper

You’ve found that perfect location in your Jasper vacation, that favorite spot you just can’t bear to leave. Well, don’t! With more than 1,700 to choose from, chances are, you’ll find a campsite nearby, if you’re not already there. Jasper … Continued

Jasper National Park Fees

JASPER, Alberta – Jasper National Park’s trails and amenities are first-rate. That, of course, costs money. Visitors aren’t expected to foot the entire bill, but they are required to make a contribution. It’s a pay-for-use system, with the breakdown as … Continued